USA: Today is National Pig Day

Today is National Pig Day

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CALIFORNIA, San Mateo. National Pig Day is a holiday that is dedicated to the celebration of the pig. This holiday – which is celebrated on March 1st every year – is celebrated in most parts of the Midwest in the United States.

According to the website it was originally started in 1972 in Lubbock, Texas by Ellen Stanley and Mary Lynne Rave. This holiday’s purpose is to honor a domesticated livestock species that is considered to be one of the most intellectual and important species.

Rave and Stanley started the day to raise awareness about pigs and how important they are to humans. Today, it is celebrated throughout the Midwest.

While this holiday is fairly well observed nowadays, there is some debate over how it should be observed. Some people contend that it is important to give the pig a break on this day and refrain from eating pork products. However, there are some who view this day as an excuse to enjoy all of the bounties one can obtain from a pig. Namely, bacon, pork steaks and sausage.

National Pig Day is celebrated by schools, zoos, farmers and nursing homes all throughout the center of the United States. Some of the events that take place on this day include piggy parades, tying pigtail ribbons around trees and various other events where pigs are the focus point.

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