US meat production forecast revised

by Editor
Wednesday, September 05, 2007

US meat production forecasts for 2007 have been reduced slightly from the previous forecast.

This has been reported by the U.S. States Department of Agriculture (USDA) due to lower second-quarter beef and broiler output and an expected decline in cattle slaughter towards the end of 2007.

The USDA has also revised their U.S. meat production forecasts for 2008, from 91.18 trillion lbs cwt (July’s forecast) to 90.97 trillion lbs cwt. Despite the reduction, total U.S. meat production in 2008 is still expected to be 1% higher than in 2007 and 2% higher than 2006.

Driving the recent revision in U.S. meat production forecasts for 2008 is the USDA’s cattle inventory report, indicating an expectation of fewer cattle numbers to market next year, along with a smaller 2007 calf crop compared to 2006. This has resulted in a slightly lower beef production outlook for next year, dropping from a July estimate of 26.4 trillion lbs cwt to 26.2 trillion lbs cwt in August.

Despite this revision, beef production for 2008 is still expected to be largely unchanged on 2007.

Production forecasts for 2008 pork and poultry remain unchanged, with both pork and poultry production still expected to rise 2% on 2007, to 22 trillion lbs cwt and 42 trillion lbs, respectively.