U.S. Consumers worry about food safety

U.S. Consumers worry about food safety

U.S. consumers are more concerned about the safety of the food they eat than they are the war in Iraq or global warming according to a new study. The finding is contained in the Center for Food Integrity’s (CFI) annual Consumer Trust Survey.

In addition the survey asked respondents to react to 24 attitudinal statements about the food system. Fewer than 20 percent of those surveyed strongly agreed that government agencies are doing a good job ensuring the safety of the food we eat.

The study also asked consumers to rate their level of concern about a series of life events and current situations. Not surprisingly, rising energy costs, the U.S. economy, and the rising cost of food were the top three issues of concern. However, food safety rated higher as a concern than global warming or the war in Iraq .

CFI conducts research annually to benchmark consumer attitudes toward the important issues associated with the U.S. food system. This year’s research explores how much “social license” consumers are willing to grant producers, processors, retailers and restaurants. Full survey results will be released at the Center for Food Integrity 2008 Food System Summit taking place Oct. 8-9 in Indianapolis. The research also contains consumer attitudes on the issues of immigration, animal well-being and energy/sustainability.
Source: Center for Food Integrity’s (CFI)
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