Tulip: Danish Crown’s subsidiary makes money ...

Danish Crown’s subsidiary makes money again

Danish Crown

UK, Warwick. The recovery of Tulip Ltd is now three months ahead of schedule – the business has been in profit for some weeks now. Focus now moves to optimisation and competitiveness of the business. The employees at the site in King's Lynn have been informed about proposals which will put 118 jobs at risk.

The site, which currently employs 570 people, is also proposing to revert to a five-day working week from its current seven-day operation as it seeks to mitigate a fall in production volumes and operational inefficiencies.

“Due to the loss of customer orders over the last few years, the site is now making significant loss on a weekly basis. Now we are looking to take steps which will keep the Kings Lynn site operational for current and future generations. The business will engage closely with the employee representatives and those affected in order to minimise impact on people’s lives”, says Tulip Ltd CEO, Steve Francis.

Last summer, losses increased week by week in Danish Crown's UK subsidiary Tulip Ltd after the loss of major orders to the retail sector. Now, the downward trend is not only reversed, since the beginning of June, Tulip Ltd has actually started making money again on a weekly basis.

Steve Francis has, among other things, chosen to create a more decentralised management structure and has focused heavily on developing even closer relations with the company's customers through extensive and dedicated service. Danish Crown's Group CEO, Jais Valeur, is happy with the progress in Tulip Ltd, but points out that Tulip Ltd still has a long way to go.

Source: Danish Crown


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