Training workshop on welfare standards

Training workshop on welfare standards

The Humane Slaughter Association (HSA), the UK-based charity that promotes food animal welfare in markets, during transport and at slaughter, has been awarded a contract by the European Commission to organize and run an international training workshop on welfare standards for the stunning and killing of animals in slaughterhouses and disease control situations.

It is intended that participants will be from backgrounds that involve them in the official development and implementation of best practice welfare standards and procedures in their respective countries, such as within a state veterinary service or other competent authority.

The three-day workshop for participants from EU Member States and other countries world-wide is planned for 27–29 September 2006. Subjects to be covered include relevant EU legislation and the international framework; the scientific basis and the techniques of humane handling, stunning, slaughter and killing methods; best practice for monitoring and enforcement of welfare legislation; auditing and reporting methods for monitoring and evaluation of animal welfare at slaughter or killing; and information collection for development of learning activities. Bio-security, health, safety and environmental issues will also be addressed.

There will be an international panel of speakers and the workshop will draw on the HSA’s practical knowledge and expertise in all aspects of livestock handling and welfare at slaughter. The workshop will also feature visits to UK abattoirs


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