Trade: New Zealand red meat exports leap

New Zealand red meat exports leap

Imago Images / agefotostock

NEW ZEALAND, Wellington. New Zealand’s red meat sector continued to demonstrate its agility in the third quarter with exports to the United States growing by 50% over the three months from July to September compared to a year earlier.

Total exports to the US reached $400 mill. for the quarter, closely followed by a 42%rise to the UK ($71 mill.) and Germany, a 25% increase to $70 mill. The growth in the third quarter offset a 25% decline to China ($530 mill.) although the value of sheepmeat and beef exports to China remains at an historically high level. Overall, exports in the third quarter were $1.69 bn., unchanged from the same period in 2019.

For the year ending September 2020, exports were up 8% to $9.39 bn. compared to the previous year. The value of exports to nearly all of the top 10 markets (except the Netherlands) increased.

In the September month, overall red meat exports were worth $501 mill., down 6% from September 2019. Both China and Japan were down, but there were increases to United States, Germany and UK. Sheepmeat exports to the US, Germany and the UK rose, as did beef exports to the US and Canada.

Source: MIA


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