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Sorting and grading systems support against food waste

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The digitalization of the supply chain could help decrease global food waste.
The digitalization of the supply chain could help decrease global food waste.

BELGIUM, Leuven. The scale of the global food waste problem is staggering. According to reports, 1.6 bn. t of food are lost or wasted every year, equating to a total value of $1.2 tn. being wiped from the supply chain.

With one-third of the total amount of food produced globally being misused, the industry needs to look towards innovation and digitalization to combat this ever-growing trend.

Having the ability to share data through IoT can help reduce waste from a consumer standpoint. Retailers could use the real-time data in stores to showcase when the produce was harvested or picked and offer insights into the projected “sell by date”. This can educate consumers further on how long they have to eat the produce, thus helping reduce food waste through the implementation of technology.

As well as utilizing IoT, the supply chain can also use digitalization to help improve the infrastructure it currently has in place.

Tomra is committed to creating sensor-based sorting and grading systems to help the supply chain win the battle against food waste. Through this systems the company aims to help food businesses maximize yields and ensure any produce can be recovered and reused, increase productivity with high capacity sorting and provide consistent high-quality food assurance.

The company has also understood to take the next steps. “Insight” is the company’s answer to connect sorting and grading systems, extract valuable information on the sorting performance and the produce, and make it transparent to the food businesses. Incorporating this further into a digitalized supply chain will help to close the link from farm to fork in the future.


Source: Tomra Food


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