Tomra: Expanding global technology division

Expanding global technology division

Felix Flemming was appointed to Head of Digital at the company.
Felix Flemming was appointed to Head of Digital at the company.

GERMANY, Koblenz. Premier sorting software and hardware developer and manufacturer Tomra announced the appointment of Felix Flemming to Head of Digital for Tomra Sorting Solutions.

In this role, Felix Flemming is leading Tomra Sorting Solutions’ rapidly developing capabilities in digital technology and building a team of innovators to support this progress.

Felix Flemming joins the company as a best-in-class digital innovator, senior-manager and engineer. He held several management positions with the Voith group prior to joining Tomra. In his last position as Vice President of Incubation, he was responsible for developing Internet of Things solutions and business models for all Voith markets. Felix Flemming holds a Doctor of Engineering degree from the University of Darmstadt and a Master of Engineering degree from Cornell University.

“Tomra’s pragmatic and forward-thinking approach to technology is what attracted me to the company,” says Felix Flemming. “It’s that kind of method I look forward to applying with my team and process as we rapidly develop and deploy Tomra’s digital offering.”

Another important aspect to Felix Flemming’s role is driving customer value. He is already in the process of collecting customer data and will go one step further as he leads the deployment of new customer-aligned digital products.

“I am delighted to bring an additional high-caliber tech-savvy senior talent to Tomra like Felix Flemming,” says Volker Rehrmann, Executive Vice President and Head of Tomra Sorting Solutions. “Felix Flemming is a formidable digital leader with the kind of cutting-edge capability we are continuing to bring to our company as a customer benefit.”

Felix Flemming’s work will also be part of Tomra Food’s initiative to form cross-industry working groups to accelerate development of digital standards for the food industry. The company has already begun this, with the first working groups meeting scheduled for Q4, 2018.


Source: Tomra