Tönnies heading Top 10 list

Tönnies heading Top 10 list

For the first time the list of the largest pig slaughtering businesses is being led by B&C Tönnies Fleischwerke based in Rheda-Wiedenbrück.

Processing roughly 10 million pigs, Tönnies now slaughters roughly 600,000 animals more than the Vion Food Group of Best in the Netherlands. These figures have been published by ISN, the Damme-based pig farmers association, based on the latest results of their Top 10 pig slaughtering businesses in Germany.

Second-place Vion is still well ahead of Westfleisch e.G. (Münster), which slaughtered a total of 5,375 million animals, putting it in third place. Fourth place is occupied, as in 2005, by D&S Fleisch in Essen, followed by Tummel (Schöppingen) and Gausepohl (Dissen).

The number of pigs slaughtered in Germany as a whole in 2006 was a sizable four percent up on the previous year, reaching a new record level of over 50 million. Besides the increase in the German pig farms' productivity, this growth is mainly attributable to the increase in live imports, especially from the Netherlands and from Denmark.

Source: afz-allgemeine fleischer zeitung 7/2007


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