Tönnies Slaughter restarts

by Sandra Sieler
Thursday, July 16, 2020
 Step by step, the subsidiaries resume operations.
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Step by step, the subsidiaries resume operations.

Further subdivisions of the Tönnies Group go back into operation. Yesterday, the authorities gave the go-ahead for the resumption of work in the subsidiaries Reisinger (slaughtering) and Acontex (blood processing).

Yesterday, on Wednesday, Mayor Theo Mettenborg of the city of Rheda-Wiedenbrück ordered a partial lifting of the closure order for the Reisinger slaughterhouse and Acontex GmbH (blood processing). The 597 employees of the slaughterhouse and the seven employees of the blood processing plant are now allowed to re-enter the factory premises, according to a statement by the city. "We will therefore resume slaughtering on Thursday morning in one shift and produce under the new hygiene concept requirements," Tönnies said on Twitter. A restart of the cutting process is being considered.

The work areas of the two subsidiaries are sufficiently separated from each other, the city explains further. In addition, Tönnies has presented a substantially supplemented and revised hygiene concept, which is the basis for the gradual opening of the companies. In addition, special measures have been imposed on the company, such as an optimisation of employee transportation, all production employees are tested twice a week, the routes from the factory entrance to the workplace have been determined and much more.

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In addition, Tönnies had applied to be able to resume cutting and processing. For this purpose, there will be another plant inspection this morning, according to mayor Theo Mettenborg. On Friday already, there will be a first test run in this department.

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