Tican co-operates with Rose Poultry

Tican co-operates with Rose Poultry

On 1st July 2006 a new co-operation from Tican a.m.b.a., Thisted, with Rose Poultry, Vinderup, is established.

On 1st May 2006 Tican a.m.b.a., Thisted take over the shares of the German trade company Euro Century Fleisch G.m.b.H. situated in Eckernförde north of Kiel, where Tican since 1998 has sold its fresh/frozen pig meat products to the German market.

In co-operation with Rose Poultry A/S, Vinderup a new co-operation is established, where Rose Poultry enter as a shareholder in the company. The owner structure is 50% to each of the partners. At the same time the company changes its name to Tican-Rose G.m.b.H., and Frank Jessen is appointed as managing director.

Frank Jessen has for several years worked as salesman (Verkaufsleiter) by Vestjyske Slagteriers sales department Foodane G.m.b.H. in Germany and has since the merger with Danish Crown been employed by Danish Crown in Germany.

During the last few years Tican has increased the killings of pigs and its activities within the meat trade and processing. This increased activity demands further focus on sales. Furthermore this demands focus on sourcing the raw material in a way that the commercial business constantly is maintained and developed.

Rose Poultry A/S, face big challenges in the coming years. A general slackening in the poultry prices and the bird flue causes that the demands to flexibility in sales never has been more challenging.


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