Tican: Departments on the move

Departments on the move

Jörg Schiffeler, jus
Tican-CEO Ove Theijs.
Tican-CEO Ove Theijs.

DANMARK, Thisted. Tican is planning to move the department for deboning of legs in Thisted and the department for production of bacon in Ansager to other production units in the group. In collaboration with Tican´s owners – Tönnies Group – it is planned to move deboning of pork legs and processing of bacon for the English market to Germany and the UK as of 1 October 2016.

Tican has experienced increasing difficulties in producing value-added bacon products at competitive prices to the English market, due to which it has been considered to find alternative solutions for quite some time. The new membership of the Tönnies Group has now made it possible to change the setup for the production which will support competitiveness.

The planned changes affects approximately 80 employees out of which around 55 are employed in the pork legs department in Thisted and around 25 are employed in the bacon department in Ansager. From now on a dialogue between the company and the employees starts in order to establish possible options to reduce consequences on employment.

Source: Tican


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