Thurston Butchers: Becoming the first UK butc...
Thurston Butchers

Becoming the first UK butcher to sell plant-based meat


THE UNITED KINGDOM, West London. The company This produces realistic meat alternatives which look and taste like meat using soy bean protein, water and pea protein. Thurston Butchers will be stocking This Isn't Bacon and This Isn't Chicken in chicken tikka and sea-salt and black pepper varieties.

Alistair Angus who runs Thurston Butchers said people probably thinking it's absurd for a butcher to sell vegan produce but the butchers actually get asked a lot by their customers for vegetarian or vegan alternatives.

"I'm also aware people are thinking about their meat intake – I believe people should be eating ethically sourced, local meat as often as they can afford. If they're looking into their meat intake and are looking for something different, then This is a great alternative," he said.

The company was founded by two meat lovers, Andy Shovel and Pete Sharman, who co-founded and sold beef burger chain Chosen Bun. "I was astonished when Thurston Butchers reached out. It's not every day, as a plant-based brand, you get the endorsement of hardened meat-lovers said Shovel. "We didn't have to think twice about whether or not to supply Alastair and the team. Our mission is to be the plant-based brand for meat-lovers. There can't be many places better suited to realising that ambition, than a butcher's shop," he added.

Following two years of research and development, partnering with texture scientists and flavourists, the products mimic meat in taste, texture, appearance and smell, but without the ethical or environmental impact, using peas and soya beans as the base.

In addition to Thurston Butchers, the company has also launched their products into Holland & Barrett, Ocado, Patty & Bun and Mexican food chain Chilango.

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