The fourth IMS World Pork Conference Global Pork Industry Development Declaration

by Editor
Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Fourth IMS World Pork Conference took place in Nanjing, China from 16-17 September 2007. Delegates from 38 countries and regions have attended this Conference.

The Conference has agreed to release “The Fourth IMS World Pork Conference Global Pork Industry Development Declaration”

The world pork output has increased from 79.3 million metric tons in 1996, to 105 million metric tons in 2006, an increase of 32.4% in ten years and accounts for about 40% of the world’s total meat production, which shows a favourable and stable development trend.

In order to facilitate the sustainable and healthy development of the world pork industry in the 21st century, the Conference has agreed to release “The Fourth IMS World Pork Conference Global Pork Industry Development Declaration” as follows:

I. Peaceful Development. Peace and Development are the wish of the world pork industry as well as the mutual hope. IMS and its member countries continue to promote the development of the world pork industry to benefit the people in the world by following the principle of “equality, sincerity, cooperation and development”.

II. Mutual Benefit. Member countries shall conduct commodity trading, trade service, industry investment and other means of cooperation in compliance with the principles of WTO and IMS, set up an equal consultation mechanism, achieve mutual benefit and mutual development.

III. Fair Competition. Under the market economy condition, to encourage fair competition amongst member countries based on international trade rules, fight against monopoly that hinders free trade and equal opportunity, and promote the healthy development of global pork industry.

IV. Jointly Face the Challenge. To make use of all resources and measures, jointly coordinate and discuss counter measures, actively face any challenge that affects pork safety and spare no effort for the health of mankind and the development of the industry. It is the common responsibility of the world pork industry to ensure the safe and healthy consumption of pork.

V. Balanced Development. Poverty eradication is the common wish of mankind. The pork industry in the developing countries needs to undergo economic reform in order to improve the ability to create wealth. Meanwhile the pork industry is required to support the science and technology progress and development of the developing countries through economic, trade and technology exchange.

VI. Sustainable Development. To realize sustainable development of resources and environment in order to create a favourable environment for the stable development of the pork industry.

VII. Strengthen Exchange. Information is the key factor to the development of the industry. Member countries should strengthen information exchange, make use of modern information technology, realize information resource sharing, and promote the progress and development of the global pork industry.

VIII. Science and Technology Advancement. Science and technology play a crucial role in the development of pork industry. Member countries should endeavour jointly to promote the advancement of science and technology and utilize the achievements of science and technology rationally. The exchange and cooperation between economically developed countries with advanced technology and the developing countries should be strengthened so as to promote the economic development of the industry amongst member countries.

IX. Animal Welfare. Animal welfare is a sign of the development of the productivity and the progress of the social civilization. The world pork industry should constantly increase productivity, overcome animal welfare barriers in international trade, maintain the economic growth of the industry and improve animal welfare in the areas of rearing, transporting, slaughtering and processing.