The Smart Butcher dispenses fresh meat

The Smart Butcher dispenses fresh meat

A new vending machine selling fresh meat has been released recently in the USA.

"The Smart Butcher" was developed by two Alabama businessmen. It carries such fresh cuts as the New York strip, ribeye, pork chops and others.

The businessmen trialling the idea, Chase Evans and Rob Harrison, are currently vending out of Lil Mart Odenville, Alabama, but are confident they will find the perfect location for their machine, likely somewhere rural with little to no access to fresh meat markets.

The Smart Butcher is equipped with cell phone technology to inform when the machine needs to be restocked and also when a sale is made.

One of the main features after convenience is affordability. Customers are able to pay with credit or debit card or cash. This makes the machine versatile and accessible to many people.

Still, the concept of selling fresh meat or seafood through vending machines is successful in Asia, India and some European countries.
Source: The Smart Butcher


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