Tethering: Denmark to opt out by 2027

Denmark to opt out by 2027

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From 2027 on, cattle in Denmark must be kept in loose housing.
From 2027 on, cattle in Denmark must be kept in loose housing.

DENMARK, Copenhagen. In Denmark cattle get more freedom of movement.

The Danish government has decided to end the tethering of cattle. According to the plan presented by Agriculture Minister Mogens Jensen, a general ban on this type of farming will apply from 2027.

Organic cattle farmers will have to completely abandon this practice by 2024. For new buildings, a ban on tethering is even to take effect from 1 January, 2022, which will probably be laid down in an amended Danish Organic Farming Ordinance.

Organic stock farms with a herd of up to 50 animals, however, are to have a two-year transition period. According to the Ministry of Agriculture, this will be granted as an exception, whereby the farmers must prove that an "adequate level of animal welfare" is otherwise guaranteed on their farm. This exception, however, is likely to affect a maximum of ten organic farms.

Jensen emphasized the necessity of transition periods for farmers who still use tethered livestock today. These farmers should not lose their livelihood from one day to the next. With the compromise solution one drives however the animal protection in Denmark forward and offers sufficiently time to the enterprises to adapt to the new rules, said the Minister.


Source: fleischwirtschaft.de; AgE


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