Tanzania looks for the Dubai meat market

Tanzania looks for the Dubai meat market

Tanzania is preparing to take advantage of the meat market slot in Dubai through encouraging local businesspeople to supply animals to Ruvu abattoir that operates at international standards.

The move, under the Ministry of Industry and Trade through the Tanzania Trade Centre in Dubai, aims at supplying the Arab market with 150 t of meat daily from Dar es Salaam. The Director of Tanzania Trade Centre in Dubai, Mr. Cleophas Ruhumbika, said that the strengthening of Ruvu abattoir targets serving export markets in United Arab Emirates.

Mr. Ruhumbika said the best thing would be for business people to get areas to keep cattle before supplying to the abattoir, noting that livestock number has been increasing steadily in recent decades at roughly 3%.

Despite the steady rise in livestock numbers, the sub-sector's contribution to the national economy as well as the households' well-being has remained minimal due to insufficient investment. He said that currently, the National Ranches Company (NARCO) abattoir at Ruvu in Coast Region has the daily capacity to slaughter 800 cows and bulls as well as 400 goats.

NARCO operates 15 branches with a land holding of 623,000 hectres and stock holding capacity of 155,300 head. Private commercial ranching exists in different regions with small stock numbers. So far, the only abattoir approved to export meat to United Arab Emirates (UAE) is in Dodoma, some 450 km west of Dar es Salaam.

Mr. Ruhumbika said the Ruvu abattoir would be best place to serve export markets with meat, adding that Ruvu has a NARCO ranch where more business people can get areas around to keep cattle and serve the abattoir.
Source: Ministry of Industry and Trade of Tanzania


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