Takeover: Zur Mühlen aquires Schwarz Cranz

Zur Mühlen aquires Schwarz Cranz

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The site in Böklund focuses on the production of canned sausages and fresh sausages.
The site in Böklund focuses on the production of canned sausages and fresh sausages.

GERMANY, Böklund/ Neu Wulmstorf. Zur Mühlen Group takes over the traditional sausage producer Schwarz Cranz, based in Neu Wulmstorf near Hamburg. The takeover of all employees goes hand in hand with this.

"Due to the difficult market environment and the constantly increasing cost pressure, the company has fallen into an economic imbalance," says Maximilian Tönnies, Managing Director of the zur Mühlen Gruppe. "It is a Herculean task to make the company future-proof, but due to the traditional Schwarz Cranz brand and its quality products, we are approaching this task with optimism".

For the owner family Schwarz, the takeover from insolvency is a happy moment: "As a family business, we are happy to offer many employees a future in the zur Mühlen Gruppep," says senior Paul Otto Schwarz. Zur Mühlen Managing Director Axel Knau emphasizes above all the specialization on the product bacon, which is of particular importance for the zur Mühlen portfolio - in addition to the classic products such as salami and salmon ham.

Schwarz Cranz recently had to contend with significant cost increases that could not be passed on to customers. This was compounded by the Corona Pandemic, which led to additional financial expenditure due to higher safety and control measures. Against this background, the company had initially obtained a self-administered restructuring at the Torstedt district court. On October 19, insolvency proceedings were already opened in the course of a change of procedure. After less than three weeks, the zur Mühlen Gruppe and the insolvency administrator agreed on a takeover of the company with its approximately 550 employees. The contract with the insolvency administrator was concluded on 5 November 2020. The takeover is subject to approval by the cartel authority.

Source: Zur Mühlen Gruppe


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