Switzerland bans Egyptian seeds over E.coli f...

Switzerland bans Egyptian seeds over E.coli fears

Switzerland has banned imports of certain beans and sprouts from Egypt, after the European Union blamed Egyptian fenugreek seeds for the deadly E.coli outbreaks in France and Germany.

To guarantee that contaminated products are not put on the Swiss market, the Federal Interior Department and the Federal Office of Agriculture has decreed temporary bans on the imports of certain sprouts, seeds and beans from Egypt. The measure would be implemented with immediate effect. The ban will expire on 31 October in line with the European Union's suspension.

The European Union had announced action against Egyptian seed imports on 5 July, after lab tests indicated that the fenugreek seeds imported from Egypt to Germany in 2009 and then distributed was the cause of the deadly E.coli outbreak, which so far has killed about 50 people.
Source: Bundesamt für Gesundheit der Schweizerischen Eidgenossenschaft