SuperDrob: Dark meat poultry is preferred in ...

Dark meat poultry is preferred in China


POLAND, Karczew. As the second poultry producer in Poland, SuperDrob is taking advantage of exports to the Chinese market, explains Jan Wolff, Deputy Export Director, SuperDrob.

China is going to increase poultry exports in 2019 beyond the volume of 500,000 estimated earlier this year, he added.

"It's golden times for poultry", stated Mr. Wolff referring to the shift in meat consumption encountered in different markets for many different reasons. While in the European market, poultry is preferred thanks to healthiness attributes, in Asia the demand for poultry is increasing due to the ASF situation in the region.

China is one market that is constantly increasing its poultry imports but the cuts imported are the ones that are not in such high demand on the EU market. That situation helped Polish poultry producers, such as SuperDrob, to capitalize on both markets by shipping breast fillets or other valuable cuts in different European markets, whilst wings are heading straight to China, where are preferred better by the consumers.


Source: SuperDrob


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