Startups: Promising startups meet at Wagening...

Promising startups meet at Wageningen

Wageningen UR

THE NETHERLANDS, Wageningen. Robots for agriculture, intelligent crop monitoring, vertical city farms, ingredients from lupine or algae and sustainable methods for growing, nutrient extraction and waste valorisation: they will all be part of the near future of food and agriculture. Startups in this domain use their ideas, technology and innovation power to contribute to a better, smarter and more sustainable and diverse food system.

On 25 and 26 May these startups will come to Wageningen Campus at the Wageningen UR (University and Research centre) in the Netherlands.

F&A Next – the first European platform for startups, investors and corporates in food and agriculture – will shine a spotlight on startups in food and agriculture that deserve to be in the investor's eye. F&A Next gathers the largest group of investors in food and agriculture, the most innovative international startups in this domain and high-impact corporates during its event in Wageningen.

On Wednesday 25 May, 20–30 early and midstage startups will pitch and / or demonstrate their business ideas and products in front of a jury of investors. A selection committee has selected them from a large group of applicants. The conference on 26 May 2016 focusses on important trends and opportunities in the industry and features later stage startups (scaleups) that are growing fast.


Source: Wageningen UR


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