Spicy meats are NPD trends

Spicy meats are NPD trends

Bold, meaty flavored chips and extra spicy meat snacks are trending as manufacturers strive to excite millennial tastebuds, says a Euromonitor analyst.

Matthew Hudak, packaged foods analyst at Euromonitor International, made observations after attending the Sweet & Snacks Expo in Chicago.

In a Euromonitor video blog post, Hudak said that snack makers have developed bold and new flavors that many millennials seem to enjoy He said, that a lot of the chip manufacturers seem to be going towards meatflavored chips like hotdogs, barbecued ribs and steak.

Hudak also noted that meat snacks are getting spicier. Manufacturers are using jalapeños and other chili variants to heat up the popular meat snack segment.

This year at the Sweet & Snacks Expo, jalapeño-flavored popcorn brand Fire Corn bagged the award for the most innovative new product in savory snacks. Hudak also drew attention to turkey jerky - a new meat snack variant trending at the show.

US flavour specialist Symrise also identified a demand for spicy and adventurous flavours in snacks, particularly Asian and Hispanic. It said this trend was being driven by a consumer desire to "tongue travel". Eileen E. Simons, director of savory applications for North America, said that millennials were the target for its newly developed Asia flavorings because they are willing to take chances and be creative.
Source: Euromonitor International