South Africa to host the ICoMST in 2008

by Editor
Thursday, May 22, 2008

South Africa will be hosting the annual International Congress of Meat Science and Technology (ICoMST) in August 2008.

It is expected that more than 400 of the world's leading meat scientists will be attending this event taking place in Cape Town from 10 to 15 August.

The event will be hosted at the Cape Sun Hotel and the full information and program details are available at the following web site

The program has been designed to address regional issues as pertaining to meat production, processing and consumer preferences. On the production front, the opening speaker has conducted numerous research projects into Africa and will be discussing the opportunities, constraints and the road ahead for Africa in its contribution towards global meat production.

A number of papers will also deal on the issue of using DNA to improve beef production, and pork quality whilst reviews on South African beef and chevon will further indicate how Africa can contribute to global meat production. In the program, there is a strong emphasis on animal welfare and interventions post mortem to improve and maintain the quality of the meat.

There is also a session on food borne diseases and the impact thereof on the industry. The preference of the consumer for leaner meat and the effect of fat on flavour, obesity etc is covered by a number of international speakers.

What is particularly applicable to South Africa is modified atmospheric packaging (MAP) and a review on world trends and technologies will be read. Similarly, the whole issue of post slaughter traceability will be discussed.

A renowned scientist from Belgium will be speaking about the use of probiotics in fermented sausages. Presently, within the EU, there are two major research projects (worth millions of euro) being conducted on beef and pork.