Smithfield says H1N1 tests are negative

by Editor
Monday, May 18, 2009

In a letter to all Smithfield employees CEO C. Larry Pope reported, that the results of the testing process conducted by the Mexican government have confirmed that no virus, including the human strain of A(H1N1) influenza, is present in the pig herd at Granjas Carroll de Mexico (GCM), the company’s joint venture farm in Veracruz, Mexico.

Veracruz turned up negative for H1N1 or any other virus, contradicting local accusations that the farm was the source of the outbreak.

Pope said these findings validate what the company had believed from the very beginning: that the recent subtype of H1N1 influenza virus affecting humans did not originate from GCM.

Furthermore, regulatory and scientific bodies have had continued to confirm that people cannot get A(H1N1) influenza from eating pork or pork products, and none of the people affected had contact with pigs prior to getting sick, Pope pointed out.

Smithfield took extraordinary measures to maintain rigorous biosecurity procedures at all of its operations worldwide, the CEO underlined.