Slovene ham gains EU protected status

by Editor
Thursday, May 08, 2014

Producers of traditional Slovenian pigmeat products will benefit after the European Commission registered "Prekmurska šunka", a smoked and dried ham, on the European Union's (EU) list of protected geographical indications (PGIs).

"Prekmurska šunka" is made from the fresh hind leg of pigs in the Prekmurje region of north-eastern Slovenia.

The registration means that products bearing this name sold within the EU must be made according to traditional methods in this region.
The Slovenian Ministry of Agriculture and the Environment note on the ham explains: "Salt and spices are rubbed in appropriately cooled pork legs. The meat pieces are turned every day and poured over with the produced meat juice for two to four weeks. Prior to smoking, excess salt is removed from the meat by washing under tepid or cold running water and dried in a ventilation room. Pork hind legs are cured up to six months."