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Vion and Westfleisch struggle with Corona

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The affected staff at Vion will initially have unscheduled company holidays.
The affected staff at Vion will initially have unscheduled company holidays.

GERMANY, Coesfeld | Bad Bramstedt. Vion had to close a slaughterhouse and take unplanned company holidays, Westfleisch is struggling with individual cases - production is still running.

After more than 50 of the 260 employees of the Vion Food Group in Bad Bramstedt became infected with the corona virus, Vion stopped operations at the Schleswig-Holstein site as a precautionary measure. As the company announced, unscheduled company holidays are initially planned.

On Wednesday last week, two employees employed by a subcontractor were initially infected with Covid-19. As a result, the local health authorities ordered a series of tests on the slaughterhouse staff. Although two-thirds were infected, 90% of them did not show any symptoms so far. The workers affected are of German, Albanian and Romanian nationality, according to the Dutch-German slaughter company. All employees are covered by social and health insurance in Germany.

The temporary closure of the slaughterhouse is only a precautionary measure and serves to protect the employees, Vion emphasizes. The Group will secure supplies to customers via other locations.

Coronavirus is circulating

The Westfleisch group also has to deal with employee diseases caused by the coronavirus. This was confirmed on Tuesday by a spokesman of the cooperative slaughterhouse to the afz - allgemeine fleischer zeitung. The production continues, he said, and there is a close exchange with the health authorities. According to the district of Coesfeld, Covid-19 infections have so far been mild. Only one person had to be treated in hospital (as of May 4). According to the company, about 1,200 people work at the Westfleisch site in Coesfeld. More than half of them are directly employed by Westfleisch. German company Müller-Fleisch are also struggling with corona infections in their workforce.

Source: afz – Sandra Sieler | Vion


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