Slaughter pigs: Dutch export less
Slaughter pigs

Dutch export less

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Germany is the most important sales market for Dutch piglets.
Germany is the most important sales market for Dutch piglets.

GERMANY, Bonn. From the Netherlands, fewer animals for slaughter were delivered to Germany. In contrast, exports of piglets continued to rise.

In the first 34 calendar weeks of this year from January to mid-August, live pig exports from the Netherlands were slightly down on the corresponding period of the previous year. As reported by the umbrella organization of the Danish agricultural and food industry (Landbrug & Fødevarer, L&F) on the basis of figures from the Dutch Business Agency (RVO), the volume of animals sold to other member states of the European Union fell by 158,100 units or 2.7% to just under 5.71 mill. The main reason for this was the lower supply of Dutch slaughter pigs to foreign EU slaughterhouses. This sales channel recorded a year-on-year drop of 193,500 animals or 17.6% to 905,000 units.

The reason was that sales to German slaughterhouses slumped by 235,250 units or 22% to 834,500 animals. This was probably also in connection with the large slaughterhouses closed in Germany due to corona cases among employees. Increased exports to Spain, Belgium or Poland were unable to compensate for this. The loss of German meat producers due to corona apparently also affected Dutch sow exports; sales in Germany fell by 12.1% to 204,100 animals. The number sold to Italy was halved to 15,500 head. In contrast, significantly more sows were delivered to Spain and Belgium, so that the overall decline of 5.4% to 368,200 exported animals was limited.

On the other hand, the export of piglets, which is so important for the Netherlands, did not show any weakness, increasing by 1.3% to 4.43 mill. head compared to the same period last year according to RVO data. German fatteners remained the most important customers and ordered 2.86 mill. piglets, 0.7% more than in the period from January to mid-August 2019. Dutch deliveries of piglets to Spain fell by 0.7% to 700,900 head; sales in Belgium including Luxembourg were 3.7% lower than in the same period last year at just under 566,000 head. Piglet exports to Poland increased significantly, namely by 54.8% to 86,700 head.


Source:; AgE


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