Salmonella: Outbreak causes illness of Canadi...

Outbreak causes illness of Canadians


CANADA, Ottawa. The Public Health Agency of Canada says a salmonella outbreak in four provinces has left seven people ill. This is reported by CTV News.

The Agency says the salmonella infections have been linked to frozen raw breaded chicken products and it is investigating along with provincial public health officials, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, and Health Canada. There have been four people reported ill in Alberta and one each in British Columbia, Ontario and New Brunswick.

Salmonella is commonly found in raw chicken and frozen raw breaded chicken products, but the agency says the risk is low and illnesses can be avoided through proper food handling, preparation and cooking practices. Anyone can become sick with a salmonella infection, but infants, children, seniors and those with weakened immune systems are at higher risk of serious illness because their immune systems are more fragile than healthy individuals. Most people who become ill from a salmonella infection will recover fully after a few days.
Source: CTV News