“Safer food, better business” for small retai...

“Safer food, better business” for small retailers

The British Food Standards Agency (FSA) is launching a new version of “Safer food, better business” (SFBB) for small retailers. It will be available at the beginning of June. The pilot of the online forum to discuss SFBB ends on 31 May 2006. The forum focuses on the SFBB pack for caterers, which is already being used in thousands of businesses.

According to FSA the forum is a great opportunity for the Agency to learn from the experiences of those people using the SFBB pack on a daily basis. Another key aim of the pilot is to get feedback on the effectiveness of an online forum as a means of communication between the FSA and its stakeholders.

The SFBB forum is part of 'Digital Dialogues', a pilot project being run by the Department of Constitutional Affairs (DCA). This project is investigating how new technologies can be used to improve communications between central Government and the public and within central Government.


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