SFK Systems and Nawi BV announce merger plan

SFK Systems and Nawi BV announce merger plan

Nawi BV (The Netherlands) and SFK Systems (Denmark) announced their intention to merge and form SFK Leblanc. A letter of intent has been signed.

The proposed new company will be one of the world's leading manufacturers of high-end slaughter, cutting and deboning lines including logistics for the red meat market. It will be marketing two major brands: Nawi for cattle lines and logistic solutions, and SFK Leblanc for pig lines and automation concepts.

By joining forces, both parties expect to significantly strengthen their international position. The alliance will provide SFK Leblanc with three well-established brands and a wide product range in all segments of the meat processing industry.

SFK is worldwide known for producing innovative medium and high-end pig lines and automation solutions.
Leblanc, acquired by SFK in 2007, is the leading manufacturer of cutting and deboning lines for the North American pork industry.

Nawi is currently one of the leaders in developing full-range medium and high capacity cattle lines and logistic solutions in Europe.
Source: Nawi BV and SFK Systems