Russia's pork and poultry output increased

by Editor
Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Russia's pork and poultry output increased in May from a year earlier and beef production fell.

Pork output gained almost 27% to 99,300 t and poultry production jumped 3.8% to 295,000 t, the Federal State Statistics Service, known as Rosstat, announced. Production of beef and meat from other cattle fell 0.8% to 14,100 t.

Cattle and poultry production by so-called live weight, which includes skin, bones and byproducts, rose 5.8% to 900,000 t, according to Rosstat.

Russia's cattle herd fell 1% from a year earlier to 21 mill. head by the end of May and the number of cows dropped 1.5% to 9 mill., according to the statement. The number of hogs gained 8.1% to 20.6 mill. animals and the number of sheep and goats advanced 0.9% to 26.8 mill.