Russian turkey firm unveils expansion plans

Russian turkey firm unveils expansion plans

Russian turkey producer Eurodon is eyeing global expansion, with a plan to develop a new genetic and breeding centre and join a US trade organisation.

The company's general director, Vadim Vaneev, recently met with Russian prime minister Dmitry Medvedev in Rostov on Don to discuss the creation of the centre, which it is proposing to build in the Ust`-Donetsky district of Rostov Region.

The centre, which was approved by the Supervisory Board of Vnesheconombank in April, will produce heavy crosses of turkey and will be developed in collaboration with world leader in poultry genetics, Aviagen. Vaneev said that Eurodon is currently in negotiation to provide its selective genetics services to a number of international companies. For example, British and Canadian turkey breeds are currently reared and processed in the Rostov region and sold under the 'Indolina' trade mark.

The company is also in talks to join the US National Turkey Federation (NTF), whose members include producers, processors, breeders and distributors across the US. It is expected that a final decision will made at the next meeting of the NTF, due to take place in San Diego in 2013.

Further plans include the development of a fully integrated duck production chain, from incubator to processing. The company said that in one year it hopes to be the largest duck producer in Europe, producing 20,000 t per year. In two years, it hopes to double this amount.
Source: Eurodon


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