Russian meat production increased in February

by Editor
Monday, March 25, 2013

The Russian production of beef, pork and poultry increased in February from a year earlier, according to government figures.

Output gained almost 22% to 85,100 t for pork and rose 5% to 13,200 t for beef and meat from cattle, the Federal State Statistics Service, known as Rosstat, stated. The production of poultry and its by-products climbed 3.5% to 279,000 t.

The cattle and poultry production by live weight, which includes skin, bones and by-products, rose 5.2% to 900,000 t, according to Rosstat.

Russia's cattle herd fell 0.7% from a year earlier to 20.3 mill. head by the end of February and the number of cows dropped 1% to 8.9 mill., the report showed. Hogs gained 10% to 19.6 mill. animals and the number of sheep and goats advanced 5.5% to 24.2 mill.