Russian giant opens high-tech meat plant

Russian giant opens high-tech meat plant

Russia's largest meat producer Miratorg has opened the country's first high-tech meat processing complex for case-ready products.

It can process around 22,000t of meat products per year, which means Miratorg's total production capacity for semi-finished pork products has increased by four times.

The new facility is located at the site of an existing Miratorg meat processing plant near Korocha city in the Belgorod Oblast region and includes 13 production lines for the production of case-ready meat products, including minced meat, chops, steaks, semi-finished products in marinades and spices.

The introduction of such a complex is of great importance for the whole Russian meat market. Previously the case-ready segment, which is currently gaining popularity among Russian consumers, was primarily dominated by imported products.

According to the Meat Union of Russia, in recent years the case-ready market has grown by 30 to 40% per year, and experts predict that in the coming years this trend will continue.
Source: Miratorg


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