Russian firm to build huge duck plant

Russian firm to build huge duck plant

Russian poultry meat producer Eurodon has announced plans to build one of the country's largest duck meat production complexes near the Russian capital and the main sales market.

Donstar LLC, a subsidiary of Eurodon, plans to build the facility with a total investment cost of $230 mill. according to Evrodon. The company said the facility will be located in the Ramenskoye district of Moscow Oblast and will be similar to an existing duck meat facility currently operating in the the Millerovskiy district of Rostov Oblast.

Test production began recently at this facility, with capacity expected to reach 20,000t of duck meat in a year. It is hoped the new facility in Moscow Oblast will reach full capacity of 45,000t of duck meat a year by 2018. The enterprise will cover the whole production cycle, from the production of ducklings to meat processing and distribution of the finished products.

Agricultural holding Evrodon is currently one of the largest producers of turkey meat in Russia. The company controls about a third of the market in the country and 60% of poultry production in Rostov Oblast.

The new complex will be located near the country's capital and main sales market, Moscow. According to experts from the Russian Ministry of Agriculture, turkey and duck meat will be the most rapidly developing segments of the country's meat market in coming years.
Source: Eurodon