Russia places ban on foreign meat imports

Russia places ban on foreign meat imports

The Russian Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Supervision has introduced a partial ban on meat imports from seven foreign countries. STOP

Because of the detection of large batches of meat products infected with Salmonella imports from the United States, Belgium, Brazil, France, Germany, The Netherlands and Uruguay have been banned.

For that reason three consignments of poultry meat weighing a total of 72.2 t, a batch of chicken backs weighing 23.6 t and 481.7 t of chicken mincemeat from the United States have been excluded from sale in Russia.

Furthermore Russia imposed a similar ban on about 40 t of turkey meat from France; several batches of pork, poultry meat and chicken mincemeat from Germany; chicken parts from Belgium; 24.9 t of chicken mincemeat from The Netherlands; 23.8 t of beef trimmings and 25.9 t of chicken legs from Brazil; and 26.3 t of beef trimmings from Uruguay.

Source: Cattle Network