Russia partly reopens beef market

by Editor
Tuesday, October 10, 2006

According to the Russian Ministry of Agriculture and the Brazilian Meat Monitor, Russia has partly suspended its embargo on beef and by-product imports from Brazil.

The Russian market has been reopened to the states of São Paulo (Brazil’s largest beef exporting state) and Goiás. The embargo had been imposed due to the foot and mouth disease outbreaks in the bordering states of Mato Grosso do Sul and Paraná.

In the absence of Brazilian beef due to the Russian embargo and Argentinean beef because of the ban imposed to its exports, Australian beef shipments to Russia have increased significantly. Australia shipped 2,319 tonnes swt to Russia in August 2006, compared with 55 tonnes swt in August 2005, as Russia has looked to alternative sources to meet beef demand.

On 13 December 2005, Russia banned imports of live animals, beef and pork from eight Brazilian states. The embargos on meat from Rio Grande do Sul and Mato Grosso were lifted in April and August 2006 respectively. Before the bans, Russia was the main market for beef and pork from Brazil.