Russia bans beef from Australian abattoir

by Editor
Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Russia has included an Australian abattoir on a list of processors which are temporarily banned from exporting beef to the country.

However, information coming from Russia is still sketchy, with Meat and Livestock Australia unable to detail neither which abattoir has been banned nor the reason why.

However, it is believed the abattoir in question processes both cattle and kangaroos. MLA says the protocol breached is a phytosanitary issue, and AQIS has been called in to respond to Russia's concerns.

More worryingly for the industry though is that the news has been picked up by media in Korea, where the beef-loving public are hyper-aware of food safety issues in the wake of the U.S. beef BSE bans. Korean news agency KBS quoted Russian press stating that beef from abattoirs in eight countries have been temporarily banned, including processors in Europe and South America.

It says that the Russian Agricultural Department announced that the measures after finding substances prohibited from meat import were found in products from these countries.

KBS reports that meat imports from Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain will be banned starting 15 July, and imports from Australia, Argentina, and Brazil will be banned from 21 July.