Reinert: Launching antibiotic-free sausages

Launching antibiotic-free sausages


GERMANY, Versmold. One of Germany's biggest producers of cold cuts will launch a range based on Danish antibiotic-free (ABF) meat from Danish Crown. The announcement was made at the International Green Week Berlin exhibition, where the family-owned company H. & E. Reinert Westfälische Privat-Fleischerei GmbH from North Rhine-Westphalia attracted considerable attention from the German media.

"Denmark and Danish Crown are leading the way when it comes to reducing the use of antibiotics. Our market surveys show that many German consumers are concerned about antibiotic resistance. " said the company's CEO Hans-Ewald Reinert at the presentation.

“We're therefore launching a range of cold cuts where the meat comes from pigs which have never been treated with antibiotics, and at the same time we're urging the entire meat industry to discuss how we can address the challenges associated with the use of antibiotics.” he added.


Source: Reinert


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