Record year for MSA premium beef

by Editor
Monday, July 27, 2009

Almost one million cattle were graded through the Meat Standards Australia programme (MSA) in the 2008-09 financial year, a record for the program since its inception.

Participating producers were a major beneficiary from the expansion with average premiums of up to 16 cents a kilogram paid in some categories.

The results were tangible evidence of the programme achieving greater industry and consumer acceptance according to Michael Crowley, MLA’s Manager MSA.
Achieving these sorts of premiums was proof that consumers and the industry are putting their money where the mouth is – guaranteed eating quality was a benefit many see as worth paying extra for, Mr Crowley said.

The grading total for the 2008-09 year was up by 16.7% on the previous year, equating to an increase of 140,387 to 979, 228 head.

MSA beef is a tenderness guaranteed grading programme. All MSA graded beef is labelled with a guaranteed grade and recommended cooking method to identify beef eating quality according to consumers.