Record live cattle exports to Indonesia in 2008

by Editor
Friday, February 13, 2009

A sharp jump in Australian live cattle shipments during December pushed exports for the past calendar year well above that forecast for the year, as Indonesia registered its second consecutive record year.

Live cattle exports in 2008 reached 869,545 head – up 21% year-on-year, the highest annual total since 2002 (Australian Bureau of Statistics).

Underpinning the significant increase for the past year was robust demand from Indonesia, with exports reaching a record 651,196 head – up 26% from 2007 (516,992 head) and 68% since 2006 (386,566 head).

Australian live cattle exports for the past year were valued at a record A$644 million FOB, with shipments to Indonesia valued at A$420 million FOB – up 23% on 2007.

Israel was Australia’s second largest live cattle market in 2008, receiving 44,109 head, followed by Libya (38,113 head), Malaysia (20,263 head), the Russian Federation (20,071 head), Japan (19,770 head) and Saudi Arabia (18,303 head). Exports to the Philippines declined 47% during 2008, to 10,791 head.