Ranking: German Top 30 in the Meat Industry

German Top 30 in the Meat Industry


GERMANY, Frankfurt (Main). The article "Price-driven flight of fancy" published in the current FLEISCHWIRSTCHAFT international 1/2021 provides an overview of the top companies in the meat industry in Germany on pages 26 to 28. Based on detailed information of top players in the business, it provides a good understanding of the slaughtering, processing and trading companies and their ranking in the Top 100 of the meat industry.

The report shows that the ten largest groups in the meat industry turned over a good €21.5 bn. in 2019. That was a whopping billion more than in 2018, putting the industry back on the growth track.

Top 10 in cattle slaughter: The ten largest cattle slaughter companies in Germany

Booming exports to China brought substantial growth for pork slaughterers in particular. The raw material was in hot demand in 2019, with pig prices soaring - much to the chagrin of processors. The year 2019 was thus another challenging one for the German meat industry. Significant sales growth is shown in the current industry ranking of the "Top 100 companies in the meat industry" (table complete in afz 46/2020), especially those that slaughter pigs and are strong exporters.

Top 10 in pig slaughter : The ten largest pig slaughter companies in Germany

An export license for China was worth its weight in gold in 2019. In the wake of exports to Asia - with slaughter numbers declining at the same time - the pig price put on an impressive rally over the course of last year: from €1.36 in January, it climbed virtually relentlessly to €2.03 in December. However, the price increase was not nearly offset by higher consumer prices.

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