Quality Assurance: Playing a crucial role wor...
Quality Assurance

Playing a crucial role worldwide

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UNITED KINGDOM, London. Several deals in the QA sector were made public in the last few weeks.

Lloyd’s Register (LR) acquired Acoura. The company said the buy of the UK compliance and safety specialist would strengthen the position of LRQA’s food safety assurance services and expand them into new markets.

With more than 28,000 customers in the food and beverage sector, Acoura delivers inspection, advisory and training services. The firm is accredited by ASI, ANSI and UKAS to provide inspections for around 60 standards. LRQA and Acoura said they will offer increased brand protection for customers through end-to-end supply chain assurance from farm to fork.

The acquisition builds on LRQA’s use of technology to drive supply chain resilience through real- time traceability and transparency. It will also enable the design and use of business improvement services, including customised training and assurance services for food supply chains.

One of Acoura’s clients is red meat promotion body Quality Meat Scotland (QMS) for which it delivers an independent assessment service as part of the quality assurance schemes for the Scotch Beef PGI, Scotch Lamb PGI and specially selected pork brands. Acoura certifies all of Scotland’s assured red meat and farmed salmon and a round half of the UK’s dairies with audits against the Red Tractor Standard. The firm claims to be the world’s largest provider of sustainable fisheries inspections with close to 50% of the market.

Bureau Veritas is expanding its agri-food business in Brazil. The company has bought Kuhlmann Monitoramento Agrícola (KMA), a Brazilian company, specialized in monitoring and auditing services for the agri-food sector. Agriculture and agri-food are thriving sectors and play an important role in foreign trade, said Bureau Veritas. The firm has 68,400 employees in 1,400 offices and laboratories worldwide.

KMA is headquartered in Pinhais, Paranáa nd has two laboratories. It has 250 employees and is expected to generate annual revenues of around €12.5 mill. in 2016.

SGS has acquired Laagrima, headquartered in Casablanca, for an undisclosed amount. Laagrima offers testing analysis for the food and hospitality markets in Morocco. The firm employs 28 people.

SGS also bought a 70% stake in Biopremier and a controlling stake in C-Labs in December.


Source: Lloyd’s Register, Bureau Veritas, SGS


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