Publication: A free e-book is available

A free e-book is available

Shai Barbut
The author of the e-book is Shai Barbut
The author of the e-book is Shai Barbut

CANADA, Guelph, Ontario. The Science of Poultry and Meat Processing is an e-book with 760 pages. It aims to provide students and industry personnel with a comprehensive view of the primary and further processing meat industry of both red meat and poultry.

An emphasis is placed on basic concepts as well as recent advancements such as automation (e.g. increasing poultry line speed from 3,000 to 13,000 birds per hour over the last 40 years) and food safety (e.g. HACCP in primary and the further processing areas).

The e-book also includes chapters explaining basic muscle biology, protein gelation, heat and mass transfer, microbiology, as well as meat colour and texture to help the reader to understand the underlying scientific concepts of meat processing.

The e-book is available online, at no cost, to any interested learner at Using this format has also allowed including many colour pictures, illustrations and graphs (280) to assist the reader. It is designed to be used as a course textbook, as well as a resource for professionals working in the food industry.

The Science of Poultry and Meat Processing e-book is based on over two decades of university teaching experiences.

The author, Shai Barbut, is a professor in the Department of Food Science at the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada. He received his MSc and PhD at the University of Wisconsin in meat science and food science. He specialises in primary and further processing of poultry and red meat. His research focuses on factors affecting the quality of meat, as well as protein gelation with an emphasis on structure / function relationships, rheological properties and food safety aspects.

He has published over two hundred peer reviewed research papers and is the author of the Poultry Products Processing – An Industry Guide textbook. He is a fellow of the Institute of Food Technologists and has received awards from the Meat Science Association, Poultry Science Association, and the Canadian Institute of Food Science and Technology. He is involved in a number of government committees as well as academic and industrial research projects.

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