Protein: A symposium on cultured meat

A symposium on cultured meat


THE NETHERLANDS, Maastricht. The First International Symposium on Cultured Meat will run from 18 to 20 October, 2015, at the MECC Convention Center in Maastricht.

Maastricht University is organising the symposium in collaboration with the Brightlands Health Campus and New Harvest, an organisation that promotes technology for sustainable and affordable food.

For the three days of the symposium, researchers and scientists will have the opportunity to get together, share knowledge and ideas, and enter into new collaborative efforts. It promises to be an inspiring and important symposium focusing on the theme of “Tissue Engineering for Food” and for cultured meat in particular. The symposium will feature six keynote speakers who will share their findings.

Dr. Mark Post made headlines in August of 2013 when he presented the first cultured meat hamburger to the world. By doing so, he emphasised the need to develop a sustainable system of food production. If scientists are to accelerate cultured meat production, it is important that they have a forum in which to share information and ideas. For that reason, he took the initiative to organise the symposium.

Source: Maastricht University


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