Processing: Summer School starts next week

Summer School starts next week


GERMANY, Kulmbach. The 5th International Summer School will take place from 22–25 September, 2015, at the International Competence Center on Meat Quality of the Max Rubner-Institut in Kulmbach, Germany.

This year, the event will focus on developments in thermal processing of meat and meat products from molecular gastronomy to extended shelf life.

Heating is the oldest and most common process in food preservation and can even be considered as the oldest technology used by human beings. However, balancing microbiological safety while maximising nutrition values and culinary sensations is far from being trivial, and there for still a matter under investigation. What contributions can be expected from new scientific approaches like molecular gastronomy or gastrophysics to understand the underlying processes?

The Summer School will give an overview on principles of heat treatment technology, effects of elevated temperatures on microorganisms occurring in meat systems, and changes in chemical and biophysical properties in meat products under various heating conditions.

Formation of heat induced contaminants as well as fraud and adulteration are topics of growing interest, with focus on analytical approaches concerning undeclared non-meat ingredients or animal species. Heat treatment with respect to micronutrients and structural changes in meat and products thereof as well as fast non-invasive spectroscopic methods for the determination of quality aspects will be matters of concern. Cooking of molecules “sous vide” in dependence on time and energy intake, formation of flavour specific compounds in combination with preparation of various meat dishes will finalise the workshop.

Source: MRI


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