Price of chicken skyrockets in Palestine

Price of chicken skyrockets in Palestine

The Palestinian National Authority (PNA) authorised  Palestinian traders to import live chicken from Israel after the price of a single kg of chicken passed 22 Shekels in the West Bank markets, representing an increase of 37.5% from the normal price of chickens which were 16 Shekels per kg.

The Palestinian Ministry of National Economy and Ministry of Agriculture have agreed to the importation during this market crisis. The two ministries instructed traders to come up with medical and vet certificates, financial clearance letters and import permits and to start importing live chicken from Israel at the earliest. The two ministries said the target price in the West Bank markets is 18 Shekels and that they are hoping that the chicken price will drop shortly.

A senior official at the Ministry of Agriculture attributed the increase in the chicken price in the West Bank to an 80% increase in the price of chicks which has jumped from an average of 2.5 Shekels to 4.5 Shekels.

The Palestinian Ministry of Agriculture held the greed of chicken traders accountable for the sharp increase in the chicken prices, stressing that allowing imports from Israel will solve the issue and bring the prices down.

Small chicken traders have criticised the ministries’ decision and branded it as a punishment for the chicken traders.

The Palestinian national strategy is based on protecting Palestinian local products but when those products were put in direct competition with their Israeli counterparts, the more expensive Palestinian products often have little chance.
Source: Gulf News