Poultry overtakes beef on Swiss plates

Poultry overtakes beef on Swiss plates

The average Swiss ate more than one kilogram of meat a week last year. Pork remained the most popular sort, but poultry overtook beef for the first time.

Average per capita meat consumption was 53.74kg, an increase of 0.2%.

Eighty per cent of meat consumed came from within Switzerland, little change on 2010.

All types of meat apart from pork, game and rabbit showed an increase in per capita consumption.

Despite a 1.7% decrease, pork remained the most eaten meat (25kg per capita), ahead of poultry (11.4kg) and beef (11.29kg).

Poultry was more popular in French-speaking Switzerland than in the German-speaking part of the country and in cities than in rural areas.
Source: swissinfo