Poultry is the most important livestock secto...

Poultry is the most important livestock sector in Zambia

Commerce, Trade and Industry Minister Robert Sichinga said that the current annual investments for the poultry industry stands at more than US$80m, contributing 42% to the country's Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

According to Times of Zambia, Sichinga was impressed with the developments in the poultry industry whose contribution makes it the largest in the livestock sector.

He said the increased investment had contributed significantly towards the creation of employment opportunities for many Zambians.

In a speech read for him by his permanent secretary Stephen Mwansa at the Aviana Expo exhibition in Lusaka, Sichinga observed that the Zambian poultry industry had become vital to the economy contributing to high nutritional value at low cost to the millions of Zambians.

Sichinga said that the Government has realised the need to diversify the economy in order to reduce the over-dependence on metal exports.

The minister added that it was for this reason that Government had identified tourism, agriculture and manufacturing as priority sectors which would lead the diversification efforts.
He explained that the farming blocs had recently been made available for local and international investors for crop and livestock production as well as agro-businesses. The Government is also encouraging agro processing joint ventures with Zambians to maximise production.

The Aviana Zambia Expo has attracted 23 international and ten local companies and the exhibition is a trade fair focused on the major challenges faced by the rapidly developing poultry and livestock industry.
Source: Times of Zambia


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