Poultry: Ukraine supplies record quantities

Ukraine supplies record quantities

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Imported poultry meat is often processed into fried products.
Imported poultry meat is often processed into fried products.

UKRAINE, Kiev. The Ukrainian poultry industry achieved a top result last year in foreign business, at least in terms of volume.

As the deputy director of the National Research Center "Institute of Agricultural Economics", Nikolay Pugachev, now reported, the record amount of 431,000 t of poultry meat was exported in 2020; that was four percent more than in the previous year. However, revenue from these sales fell by 4.1% to the equivalent of €460 mill.  Pugachev cited the drop in prices for Ukrainian chicken meat as the reason.

He said the main buyers were Saudi Arabia with a 20.9% share, the Netherlands with 13.9%, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with 8.3%, Belarus with 6.1%, and Azerbaijan with 5.2% and Kazakhstan with 4.1%.

Ukrainian imports of poultry meat totaled 108,000 t last year, worth nearly €38 mill., down 18.0% and 13.4%, respectively. Current figures from the EU Commission, on the other hand, indicate that the European Union alone supplied nearly 146,000 t of poultry meat to Ukraine last year. EU imports of Ukrainian poultry meat are estimated at just under 109,000 t.



Source: fleischwirtschaft.de; AgE


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